Greenwich Park- Autumnal OOTD

Yesterday, my sister and I went on a spontaneous trip to Greenwich Park. It was lovely and it really felt like autumn, strolling through the fallen leaves in the cold. We also walked up to the top of the hill where there is a spectacular view of London which I recommend everyone to go and experience for themselves. We ended our trip with a lovely hot chocolate at Peyton and Byrne in Greenwich town. I’ve never been to Greenwich before and it has a charming traditional English town feel which reminds me of home. Moreover, it’s nice to escape the high rise concrete buildings and wind down in the park.

I decided to wear my Precis Petite navy coat with Helen Moore black fur collar. Underneath, I wore Topshop navy high-neck top tucked into Lola May pink zip-down skirt. My Clarks loathers have been stuck on my feet since I got to London as they are smart yet comfy at the same time. My bug necklace is from Ted Baker and my tan bag is vintage. I love this oversized coat and I’ve realised that its pockets are exactly same shape as the pockets on my skirt- I promise I didn’t plan this!

Greenwich park 033

  • Coat- Precis Petite
  • Fur Collar- Helen Moore at Anthropologie
  • Top- Topshop
  • Skirt- Lola May
  • Tights- M&S
  • Loathers- Clarks
  • Necklace- Ted Baker
  • Bag- Vintage/ Second Hand

Greenwich park 014

Greenwich park 020

Greenwich Park

Greenwich park 099


Greenwich park 126 (3)

Greenwich park 132 (3)


Greenwich park 134


Chloe’s Outfit

Greenwich park 105

  • Coat- Zara
  • Black turtleneck- GAP
  • Jeans- Zara
  • Loathers- Clarks
  • Bag- Banana Republic
  • Loathers- Clarks

Greenwich park 158

Greenwich park 177


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