Haulternative- Love Story

Hey guys! This is my #haulternative- a haulternative is part of Fashion Revolution whereby we are challenged to refresh our wardrobes without buying new clothing. I have chosen the category Love Story.

In order to sustain the planet’s resources, we need to make the most of the clothes we own and avoid wearing them once and then carelessly throwing them away. This patterned scarf by Eletronic sheep is definitely my most worn item in my wardrobe. I must have worn it easily 200 times since it hasn’t left my neck during the winter for roughly 4 years. It’s a very versatile piece since it has a dark design on one side and light on the other. Also, it can be worn in various different ways and many a time I have draped it over my head to shelter myself from the rain. I bought it from Coco Marie, a designer boutique where I did my work experience when I was 14. As well as a great statement piece, it reminds me of my work experience and the time when I discovered that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I also went onto work at Coco Marie a few years later and I really treasure my time at the shop, and this scarf reminds me of these fond memories.

What also made me recognize how precious this scarf was to me, was around a year ago when I left it in the cinema. I panicked when I realised it’s absence and ran back into the cinema and thankfully it was still there. I’m considering buying another one of these scarves since due to the amount of times I’ve worn it, it’s started to wear and bobble. Even so, I  still often get complemented on it and I’m sure I will continue to love, treasure and wear it for many years to come!

Information on doing your own #haulternative: CLICK HERE

bath-and-zara-coat-look-075edit (1)

This is a blog post I did featuring my scarf in December, 2013. I styled it with my tan coat from Zara. Despite the scarf being multi-coloured it happens to go with just about anything!



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