Passed Down Generations- Part 2

Today is the last of my series of blog posts for Fashion Revolution week where I discuss my approach to clothing as an path to a sustainable future. I thought I’d style some of my mum’s clothes as part as my focus on clothing being passed down the generations. Over recent years my mum has lent and given clothes to me that she no longer wears. Before I style some of my mum’s clothes, here are some of the garments she’s given me in recent years, some of which I have photos of her wearing when she was young:


My mum’s (from left)- Silk blouse, navy coat, floral shirt and silk scarf

One of the serious problems with fast fashion is the astounding amount of waste and clothing ending up on landfill. This is because we no longer view clothes as something that we will wear for a lifetime. Instead, we consume cheap clothes that we’ll wear a few times and then dispose of. This is not the right attitude to have and it’s essential to re-gain an emotional connection with our clothing. Having clothing passed down to me makes it feel more special especially if I’d seen photos of my mum wearing the clothes when she was my age and it’s also a form of recycling. Furthermore, passing jewellery down through the generations means that it will increase in value over the years. My mum has already given me some gorgeous diamante jewellery that was my great grandmother’s who was a pattern designer for Vogue; wearing her jewellery makes me feel like I’m part of a little piece of history.

I’m lucky that I’m pretty much the same the size as my mum. The only obvious difference between us is that she’s quite a bit shorter than me (She’s 5’2 and I’m 5’6). However, this can be an advantage since a lot of my mum’s dresses and skirts are quite long, consequently they are the perfect length on me, creating a younger style so it’s an ideal situation! Despite this, for Look 6 I wore the one mini skirt my mum owns and this was verging on a little too short for me!


Look 1- Swinging Sixties

I like the colour combinations of this outfit with the deep teal combined with soft light pink. Also, the A-line skirt with fake buttoned pockets is reminiscent of the 1960s, one of my favourite decades of fashion. To accessorize, I added my mum’s silver necklace to frame the neckline and miniature navy bag. To make use out your Mum’s silk scarf collection you don’t necessarily need to wear them the conventional way; instead try tying it onto your handbag like I did here.

DSC_0213 (2)

  • Coat: White Stuff
  • Skirt: Boden
  • Top: Benetton
  • Bag: Bulaggi
  • Scarf: Unkown
  • Necklace: The Jewellers Bench


Look 2: Nightwear as Outerwear

I’m sure you’re Mum or other female family members have some old silk nighties lurking around somewhere that they no longer wear. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend by wearing these as dresses. My mum’s is a pretty pink floral nightie with low back and tie detail at the back. It’s a perfect option for summer; this one is perhaps a little sheer but maybe with shorts underneath it would be suitable. Also, try belting it in order for it to appear less nightie-esque.

DSC_0161 (2)

  • Nightie (worn as a dress):Comme De Jour
  • Belt: Hobbs


Look 3- Shades of Blue

This look is focused around various shades of blue. It’s probably the most formal of the six looks so would work well for a job interview since the boucle blazer adds a professional touch. Silver jewellery compliments the blue tones well. Moreover, the subtle geometric print in the trousers and textured blazer add dimension to this all over blue look.

DSC_0226 (4)

  • Jacket: Banana Republic
  • Blouse: Reiss
  • Trousers: Jigsaw
  • Necklace: Irish Crafts Market Stall


Look 4- 20s beading

I’m in love with this two piece that my mum bought from a vintage shop for a ball she went to recently. It’s basically a matching jacket and sleeveless top in a sheer fabric with beautiful floral beading all over. Buying vintage is an easy way to be an ethical consumer and there are plenty of great vintage finds out there. In my opinion a lot of vintage clothing is over-priced however it’s a fab way to stand out in clothing that no one else will be wearing.

DSC_0312 (2)

Top and Jacket: Caroline Charles (Vintage)

Look 5- Classic Simplicity

This look is probably my favourite out of the six since I like the simplicity of this casual ribbed grey roll neck jumper tucked into navy high-waisted skirt (it also fits me like a glove!). Sometimes accessories and fussy details over-complicate an outfit and it’s best to not overdo it!

DSC_0240 (3)

  • Jumper:M&S
  • Skirt: Jaeger


Look 6- Silk Scarf

This final look is fairly casual, featuring a relaxed fit jumper worn with camel mini. To accessorize, I added another silk scarf tied around my neck from my mum’s vast collection. The scarf adds an essence of femininity and playfulness (reflecting on my styling, the scarf probably does age me a few years but oh well!). I then put on my mum’s Coach trench coat and I absolutely adore the dusty pink shade. My sister and I are still currently having arguments over who will inherit this garment! Finishing off the look, is these stunning diamante earrings which were my great grandmother’s- they are spectacular! I tend to keep them for special occasions, the last time I wore them being my Year 11 prom.

DSC_0338 (2)

  • Jumper: Woolovers
  • Skirt: Gap
  • Scarf: Unknown
  • Coat: Coach
  • Earrings: vintage- my great grandmother’s


DSC_0347 (2)


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