My Beauty Favourites

Hey hey! As a mentioned in my last blog post I’m starting to do some blog posts which are a little different from my usual fashion-related posts. So today I thought I’d share some of my beauty favourites. I try to use mostly natural/organic beauty products which are free from harmful chemicals which you tend to find in mainstream/drugstore beauty products. It’s an approach to beauty that’s been passed down to me from my Mum and although it costs me more money to buy these products I like to say that I’m investing in my skin and health. I buy these products either from Whole Foods or on


1. The Base

I’ve spent years searching for a good foundation and have tried numerous that have caused my skin to come out in a red blotchy rash. I have very sensitive skin so I was relieved to find the brand INIKA since it was the first I’d found that didn’t irritate my skin. I use the concealer and mineral foundation in both the lightest shades. INIKA products are certified organic, vegan, halal and cruelty-free. A lot of natural/organic products don’t have the finish or application of mainstream foundations but having tried both I would also say that INIKA products are very easy to apply and of high quality.


  • INIKA Perfection Concealer in Light
  • INIKA Mineral Foundation in Grace 01


2. Eye shadow

This Bellapierre Cosmetics eye shadow palette is a new purchase. I was really drawn to all the pretty neutral shades and can’t wait to start experimenting. I’ve never owned an eye shadow palette before and it’s going to enable me to create lots of different looks plus they are made with 100% Pure Minerals.


  • Bellapierre Cosmetics XII Eye Shadow Palette Go Natural: (Shades from left) Frost, Sorbet, Last Call, Femme, Catty, Utopia, Coin, Ash, Melrose, Intrigue, Dagger, Embellish


3. Lipstick

I’m really into my lip products because I believe a really great lip colour has the power to completely transform an outfit. The first is a Sante lipstick in this deep red colour; I don’t directly apply it to the lips instead I tend to blend a little of it into some lip balm for a more subtle red lip. The next lipstick is from Benecos in this toffee shade, it’s actually more of a pinky brown when worn but I love it! Another Sante lipstick I have is this great everyday nude colour which I wear very regularly. This next lipstick is a new purchase from Lily Lolo, it’s really creamy and in this peachy pink hue- it’s a sort of ‘your lips but better’ shade.


(From left)

  • Sante Lipstick No. 05
  • Benecos Lipstick in Toffee
  • Sante Lipstick in 14 Shiny Cacao
  • Lily Lolo Lipstick in Temptation


4. Nails

These Organic Pharmacy nail varnishes apply really well and last a long time. They come in some gorgeous shades and I recently purchased this orangey red and hot pink. They are also non-toxic which is a bonus!


  • Organic Pharmacy Nail Lacquer in Fire and Paris


5. Scent

This perfume has become my signature scent. I always get compliments on it and one of my friends said I smelt like waffles which I think is a great thing to smell of! It’s a sweet vanilla scent with a small hint of coconut as well. Also, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, free of parabens, phthalates and propolene glycol. I think it’s important to use a natural perfume since it’s something that you breath in everyday. dsc_0291-2

  • Pacifica Perfume (29ML) in Island Vanilla

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