Pink Bomber OOTD- The Drawing Room, The Breakfast Club, Anthropologie

Hey everyone! Bit of an unplanned OOTD today since me and my friend Georgia both happened to be wearing pink bomber jackets so I thought I’d share how we both styled them! We had a really fun day today- this morning we both went to have all our hair cut off at The Drawing Room, Spitalfields. Literally between us there was so much hair on the floor! Mine was getting really unhealthy and long so I went for quite a drastic cut and Georgia’s was down to her waist and she opted for a ‘lob’ (long bob). It was the first time we’d been to The Drawing Room salon but we had such a great experience- the interiors were stunning, the staff were all lovely and made us feel really at ease. George cut my hair and Hector cut Georgia’s. George was so friendly and gave me lots of really useful advice on how to style and care for my curly hair. I’m literally so pleased with the results- my hair feels so soft, light and my curls are really defined. Following our hair appointment I went with Georgia to get her eyebrows done at Benefit up the road and afterwards we had an amazing lunch at The Breakfast Club and the pictures (shown below) alone sum up how delicious it was!

So here’s how we styled our pink bomber jackets:



Georgia- Denim Culottes

Georgia’s pink bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters has sort of become her trademark-  during the summer I even mistaken her for a stranger who I saw from the back and was wearing the same pink bomber jacket and had long ginger hair! Today Georgia styled her bomber with a dark grey jumper tucked into these amazing blue denim culottes that I’m obsessed with. She then accessorized with her Adidas rose gold tipped trainers and a simple black cross body bag. Her freshly blow-dried hair completes the look perfectly!


  • Pink Bomber Jacket: Urban Outfitters
  • Grey jumper: Urban Outfitters
  • Denim culottes: Anthropologie
  • Rose gold tipped trainers: Adidas
  • Black cross body bag: Primark



Me- Navy Shift Dress

Similarly to Georgia I styled my pink bomber jacket with grey and blue tones which work really nicely together. I recently purchased my bomber jacket in the Topshop sale and I actually decided to go 2 sizes up as I wanted it to be longer and oversized so I could layer with it. Today I wore it over my shift navy dress in this lovely satin fabric. I’m wearing it with woolly grey tights, my go-to navy New Balance trainers and well-loved Electronic sheep scarf- I think the pattern and colours in the scarf add interest to the look. I’m also wearing some small hoop earrings from Accessorize.


  • Pink bomber jacket: Topshop
  • Navy satin dress: Banana Republic
  • Patterned scarf: Electronic Sheep
  • Grey Woolly tights: M&S
  • Navy Trainers: New Balance
  • Silver hoops earrings: Accessorize



The Breakfast Club


The All American
Huevos Rancheros


Purchase of the day: 

We also popped into Anthropologie today where my friend Georgia works. I picked up this gorgeous little candle in this cute floral tin. I just burned it for a while just now and I love Apricot scent- it’s one of my favourite smells!





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