Favourites: March 2017

Hey everyone! Today’s post is centred around my current fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle favourites. I’m really loving these items at the moment so I thought I’d share them with you- Enjoy!



UMd Scarf: UMd is an innovative knitwear label from the platform Unmade. Everything from UMd is made to order and each garment can be customized, making it unique to each customer. You first select the pattern, then the colours and then the pattern can be dragged along to select your preferred section. I opted for the Fluid Vibes scarf in navy and grey and I loved that I could choose my favourite section of the pattern allowing me to be part of the design process and the meaning behind the scarf.

It is also made out of lovely soft merino wool and wool is also a sustainable fibre due to it being biodegradable which is a plus for me. I’ve been wanting to get something from UMd for a while now and this was a present for my birthday from my sister. It came with a message and name and date it was made on the label. My sister’s nickname for me is ‘Bubba’ so this was cute to see it on the scarf and adds to my sentiment towards it.

DSC_0742 (2)FotorCreatedUMd Scarf: Fluid Vibes by Nous Vous in French Navy and Light Grey Melange- VIEW HERE

Kate Spade Earrings: As soon as I saw these earrings online I knew I had to have them in my life! I was lucky enough to get them for my birthday and I just love the different tones of red tassels and I’m a sucker for statement earrings. I think they would look best when worn with a crisp white shirt, blue denim jeans and finished off with red lippy. They are slightly on the heavy side but I think I can cope with that because they are just so pretty and great for summer!

DSC_0739 (2)DSC_0774 (2)Kate Spade Earrings: Pretty Poms Tassel Statement Earrings in Sumac- VIEW HERE



Burts Bees Lip Crayon: This lip crayon is a lovely subtle red shade and it’s the best way to wear a red lip which is low maintenance and less bold than wearing red lipstick. It’s also very moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips like a lipstick would (I am wearing it in the photo above).

Zao Eye Liner: I feel like I have waited so long to find an eye liner like this one from Zao. Finding a natural/organic eye liner has been a real struggle for me and none of them seemed to hit the mark. I recently discovered this one and it creates a thin line which is easy to apply and lasts all day long- I couldn’t ask for more! I also love the wood-effect packaging.

Burts Bees Lipstick: Probably my favorite part of this Burts Bees lipstick is the packaging- I absolutely adore the honeycomb cut out design. I chose to purchase this natural nude shade and the consistency is very creamy and easy to wear.

DSC_0715 (2)

  • Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Redwood Forest:VIEW HERE
  • Zao Eye Liner in Black: VIEW HERE
  • Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Nile Nude: VIEW HERE

Boucleme Curl Cream: I’ve recently been investing in some products for my hair and this curl cream is something I’m currently trying out. It works best when scrunched into damp hair followed by drying and styling. I am impressed with the results so far since it gives more definition to my curls and I would like to try some other products from this brand.

Manufaktura Hand & Foot Cream: My lovely friend Kate bought me this Mojito cream when she was visiting home to the Czech Republic. It smells amazing and it absorbs smoothly into the hands and leaves them really soft. I am yet to try it out on my feet but I hope it will have similar results.

Untitled collage

  • Boucleme Curl Cream: VIEW HERE
  • Mojito Hand and Foot Cream



Bloom by Estee Lalonde: This book is written by one of my favourite bloggers, Estee Lalonde and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s funny, personal and gives great advice. I also felt like I’ve had many similar experiences to Estee which she covers in the book and I particularly enjoyed the chapters where she touches on her anxiety and comfort eating. For me, it is important for bloggers/vloggers to show that their lives aren’t the perfect ones that they portray on social media. It’s a great coming-of-age book and she shares the lessons she has learnt in her life and there are certainly many take-aways to bare in mind in my own life. The design and layout of the book is also beautifully set out and adds to the viewing experience.

DSC_0729 (2)Bloom- Navigating Live and Style by Estee Lalonde- VIEW HERE

Oliver Bonas Bowls: All my friends and family are very much aware of my obsession with pretty bowls and this is why I often get gifted them. This trio of bowls were a present from my school friends for my birthday and I absolutely love them. I adore the colour combinations, patterns and they are really nice and sturdy as well. I recon when I’m 90 I’ll be a hoarder surrounded by my huge collection of bowls and I’m proud to say that.

DSC_0754 (2)Oliver Bonas Fika Bowls in Large, Medium and Small: VIEW HERE



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