Love Story: Fashion Revolution

Hey everyone! It’s Fashion Revolution week so it is time to get involved in the sustainable fashion movement. I am the student ambassador for my college, London College of Fashion and I’m holding an event on Thursday this week (27th) from 11am at JPS LCF whereby UAL students can share their ‘Love Story’ clothing items or accessories. Love Story is a concept introduced by Fashion Revolution where people are asked to share or write a love letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to them. This ties in with the statement:

The more we love our clothes, the more we care for them, and the longer they last.”- Fashion Revolution, 2017

I very much agree with this because I stand by the fact that if you don’t love something you shouldn’t buy it since purchasing something marks the start of the love story between an individual and the garment. Possessing this attitude means that we treasure our clothing and also reduces buying into fast fashion carelessly. I’ve always thought that buying vintage also adds to the meaning and sentiment towards a garment because it’s interesting to think about who might have worn the garment in the past and the fun times they had wearing it.

My Fashion Revolution team and I will be going around JPS LCF on Thursday photographing student’s Love Story items and asking them to share their memories and stories attached to them which make them so special.

You can also do your own Love Story and post it on social media. Photograph or make a film of the item and talk about the stories connected to it or write a letter to the item sharing the memories you have had with it. Use the hashtags: #fashionrevolution #lovedclotheslast and tag @fash_rev. More information: HERE

I did a Love Story post last year: VIEW HERE

This is my Love Story for this year’s Fashion Revolution week as an example of how you can do yours. Enjoy!


Love Story- Love Letter to Mum’s White Blouse

Dear Mum’s White Blouse,

I first eyed you up whilst snooping inside my Mum’s wardrobe on a rainy day when I was 14. I traced my fingers along your soft silky fabric and knew I had found the perfect classic blouse for my wardrobe. I kept asking my mum to borrow you until she gave in and you moved over to my wardrobe. You complete blue jeans and look great tucked into a skirt. You’ve accompanied me shopping with friends in Oxford, days in London, dinners, lunch, afternoon tea and layered under jumpers on cold days. You may have a few pulls and ladders but those are a sign of the many times I’ve worn you and loved wearing you more and more as the years have gone by. My mum bought you in Next back in the day but now you’re my favourite go-to vintage piece. Here’s to many more adventures together in the future!

Love Anna

IMG_1385 (4)

  • White Blouse- Hand-me-down from Mum from Next 1990s
  • Patterned Palazzo Pants- People Tree: BUY HERE
  • Swirl Earrings- &OtherStories
  • Block Heel Sandals- Clarks

IMG_1420 (3)IMG_1379 (2)IMG_1395 (3)


Mum’s White Blouse: Over the Years



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