Love Story: The Photoshoot

Yesterday, we held our Love Story photoshoot as a part of Fashion Revolution Week at LCF JPS. We decided to try and capture people’s Love Story items outside the entrance into university. The individuals we captured were mainly UAL students and staff, with a few passers-by coming from Oxford Street as well. The participants were asked to have their photograph taken and then tell us about a story or memory connected to something they were wearing. The rationale behind this was to make people realise that the more we love our clothes, the more we will care for them, thus the longer they will last. Therefore, we are more likely to restrain ourselves from buying into fast disposable fashion. The topics of the stories involved the experience of buying the garment, travel, worn/well-loved garments, gifts and items passed down by family members. Shown below are a selection of the images and stories accompanying them that we collected on the day. Enjoy!




(From Left) “My jumper, it’s like really broken.”- she shows us the stretched-out rip in her jumper but she still continues to wear it because she loves it so much.

My mum made this (coat).”


This scarf… where I work, this is like the dead stock and I was searching all the way through it… I found this one thing in this random location and nobody had ever seen it before and I was like ‘It’s mine!’… I think it was woven in Italy, the cool thing about it is that it was woven on the traditional wooden looms so it takes about 6 hours to make one of these so they only make only like 4 in a day.


It would be nice to talk about this shirt from Paloma Wool- they’re quite sustainable and it’s a really nice big project that this girl is doing.”


I brought them back here from Canada and they were like my favourite flats for a really long time and they’re kind of like my little, ‘go to’ luck thing… I wore these to my interview (at LCF)… and funnily enough a lot of people were like ‘Oh very nice shoes!’ and I was like that’s kinda cool. I got in, into the course. They were just what not even £20, like really really cheap. I’ve had them about 4 and a half years and they have really lasted!


My sister got this (coat) for me. I’m quite colourful. I’m an embroidery student and I like hand work so some jackets that I have at home, like denim jackets to make them more sustainable I do work on top of them.


So I’ve had these trousers for like 4 years now, they don’t fit me but I just can’t throw them away, they’re just a staple piece. They’re like really really big. My Doctor Martins were a Christmas present and I’ve never had them off my feet because they’re just amazing.


So this coat I found in Hong Kong in Wan Chai market when I was wondering through and they just had a really random pop up store and I just dug through all these piles of things and found this lovely coat there. And it references a Chinese imperial Emperors robe which is super cool. I bought my skirt in a Redress recycled charity sale in Hong Kong and Redress are sustainable fashion. My gloves were a present from a friend.


I tried to find the shoes everywhere- I tried online, I tried here in London, Paris and I couldn’t find them. I’m a very big fan of Bottega and I loved the way that the leather is. At the end, I went Beirut, this is where I found them. My feet are really big, size 47 so it’s really hard to find. I have family in Beirut- I said I want to visit family but really I just went for the shoes.”

MUM’S BELT FROM THE 80sFotorCreated2

This coat is my old school coat- this is probably about 5 years old and I’m just too skint to buy another one. This is my Mum’s belt from the 80s, she wore this on her honeymoon.


The jacket and jeans are both my Mum’s. This makes them more special because they remind me of her especially since I’m studying in London and my family are in India it’s nice to have a reminder of home.


(From left) “My purse- I wanted it for like forever and I worked so hard and was up at 3am everyday for like 4 weeks and then was splurging!

This coat, I had it for a day and I lost it. Well, I went to Mahiki and they lost it so I had to wait like a month and then they had to re-buy it for me. I saved up my Christmas money for it and I had it for a day and they lost it so I was like crying!


I was climbing on the roof in that (coat) a few times, climbing somewhere else, travelling around and I went to Brighton in this coat.”


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